display barcode next to serial number in SO invoice - packing AX 2012

hello Is it possible to display barcode for each “finished good item” serial number (serial number tracking at the BoM level). In the invoice and pack slip we can display the serial number. likewise, can we display barcode next to serial number (serial is unique for each quantity)? I wonder how AX can generate barcode for each Serial Number? do we need to make any customization!

I see the EAN/UCC, Batch, Serial number codes in the item arrival form.

Yes it can be achieved through customisation only, in past we had the same requirement and we did the customisation.

Sorry, do you mean I can customize the text position on a barcode image? I am looking for a barcode generator which make it possible to generate UPC-A barcode images with human-readable text on the right-top pot. You know the common barcode generator control can only support generating barcode with text right below the bars.

The link below is on a customization issue.