Displ. atl. 2 table data in a form w.hout subform

Hi All I need to display one to many related two tables data in a tabbed single form by using TableBox control or Matrix control but without using a subform. Table 1: Activites Table 2: Predecessors In the form there is a tab pages “General, Predecessors, Documents”. I defined Predecessors table as a global record variable as ApredRec. In the “Predecessors” page I put a tablebox. This table box need to show activity related predecessors data. In the table box I put the predecessor’s fields mean put bound controls and bind them by source expression to the global variable ApredRec.field. The table box dont display the predecessor data even any data but when navigating in the table box up-down, form’s caption show that it navigates in the Activities table. Regards

Why don’t you use subform in tab page Predecessors?

We dont need an independent user interface for predecessors table and we dont want to waste form, form id. Later we plan to get licence for the developed objects. Thanks for reply

Give it up. You will have to use a SubForm or you will go crazy trying to work around it.

Nelson It is not a nice advice. There must be a way of using two table without a subform. Say We have 20, 1-to-many related table we will display the data in a tabbed form. Tab control has 20 pages and we have single form. If we use subform we need 20 extra form. If you use this subforms in another form of different modul then you need to change the design of the 20 form means design extra forms. This is the waste of forms. If you have knowledge please give an advice if not please Give it up.

A SubForm is the only control which fits your requirement. If you don’t want to “waste” a Form, what advice can one give you?


Originally posted by fkartal
There must be a way of using two table without a subform.

No, there is not. This is just the way Navision works. And this is the way they make their revenue - you just will have to use, i.e. pay for, the extra forms. If you can not accept a correct answer just because it doesn’t fit your expectations, stop asking questions…

Thanks for the support Heinz. Let’s just hope this thread doesn’t become like another one we had (you know which).

Nelson’s advice is in fact very good - and nice too. Listen to it and stop fighting the inevitable. The time you save will buy you at least a dozen forms [8D]

Ok then we need to consider the situtation of using subforms. After the advices of experienced navision developers. Thanks all, four your reply. Fevzi