Discounts on volume sale

Hi all! How can I manage this scenario in Nav4? I buy some items from my Supplier and I need to invoice the manufacturer to get rebale based on annual sales. If annual sale is from 500 - 1000$, get a rebate of 3% If annual sale is from 1001 - 2500$, get a rebate of 3% If annual sale is from 2501 - 4000$, get a rebate of 3% Thanks.

This is probably easily handled by doing this manually annually and then raising a manual invoice for the percentage. It really depends on the automation length you want to go to. Having encountered this rebate on a monthly basis the approach we took was to use the item analysis tools for initial qualification and rebate formula, then the customer has to “prove” the sales to the manufacturer through purchase and sales reports and a while later when the manufacturer is happy they say okay we agree a rebate of “x” for our sales three months ago, and they then raise a manual invoice on the manutacturer accordingly. They could have automated this but wanted the manual control and also whatever they thought they should get never seemed to be what they actually got!

Be careful when implementing such a solution as some items might be excluded from the rebate, so should not appear in the annual sales list. !!!

Thanks guys. So my question: How is it possible to have something telling to people when it’s time to invoice the manaufacturer? And How I know which items ( amount sales) I should invoice? In fact , I need a kind of process ( even if it’s manual), just something to help clerks to that job. Thanks again

Do you mean a kind of Message : “Hey clerk, the year is over again. Do not forget to start the rebate process !!!”

Hi Shanna, it depends on the volume of items sold, but the ideal solution is as follows. (I am outlining the manual process, but if it works, and the users are able to get the results they need, then it is not too complex to automate it, so that it needs virtually no iuser interevention). Create a Vendor return order for the vendor. For each Item that you will buy, create a Charge Item Line. Each time a purchase is received, increase the quantity on the line for the appropriate Charge Item (even use the same No. for Item and Charge Item) to match the received quantity. ANd then use the get receipts fucntion to assign the charge return to the purchased item. At the end of the year enter the rebate amount, and post the return. This will assign the cost rebate tothe correct item, and adjust the sales COGS to be correct. The best thing is that all the accoutning just “falls through” and its quite simple so long as you don’t have millions of transaction lines.

Thanks David! I will try to implement that solution

Great idea, David !!!