Discounts Confusion

Hi All,
Even I gone through the manuals I could not able to understand the functionality of Multi-line Discount and Total Discount.
I request you to please explain with one example how can it differ .
Thanks in advance.

Total discount is for EVERYTHING on the order.

Multi-lIne lets you say you give a 10% discount if the customer buys 10x item in group A. However the discount is calculated by line, so you have 6x item B (group A) and 6x Item C (Group A) so they have qualified for a discount technically, but each line has not. By applying multi-line the system sees both lines and applies the discount.

Thanks for the explanation.

By your example , Multi-Line discount will caluate irrespective of the item , but respective to any Item Qty.

means if customer purchased any items of 10 Pieces then he will get the 10 % discount .

Am i right ?

No you are not right. Mine was an example, you set the discount by the Multi-Line discount group and the trade agreement. Then the group is assigned to the item - the multi-line process then looks if the applicable items meet the requirements of the multi-line agreement. The mutli-discount groups are separate for customers and items and you can create trade agreements for these separately or combined. Look at the multi-line disocunt groups, create a trade agreement and then process it - easiest way to learn.