Discount at Sales Invoice AX 2012


I am using Total Discount% Field as a Discount1 at sales order for given Sales discount to customer. I want to give one more discount as a Discount 2 to customer at sales invoice in amount not in %. I am using MRP for the Items.

  1. I can not use line level discount and discount percentage because it reduce the net amount and assessable value.

  2. If I am using charges at line level - it reduce the discount1 amount

  3. If I am using charges at header level - tax is not calculating on this.

Is there any solution for this problem.

How about using a discount service item with negative quantity and positive unit price which will result in negative net amount and deduct the order value of SO.

Are you sure it is not calculating? Haven’t checked this long time but in AX 2012 you can calculate the tax on charges too.