Disconnecting Connections

We have Navision running on a TCPIP network. When a PC (running Windows 98) crashes it sometimes fails to remove the user’s connection to the Navision database. The only way to remove the connection is to stop and start the Navision service. Is there a way to configure the PC so that the connection will be dropped automatically if the PC is turned off?

You could try to change the TCP/IP-Settings on your server. There is a parameter that is called “KeepAliveTime” (for NT - you have to add a new key to your registry - see MSDN) or “tcp_keepidle” (for AIX - there you can set it with “no -o tcp_keepidle=600”, where 600 means 600 halfseconds = 300 seconds. You have to insert this command in a startup-script, otherwise the standard setting will be valid again after the next boot). The standard-setting is 2 hours. That means, that if the connection is not closed properly, then the TCP/IP-protocol will shut down every inactive connection automatically after 2 hours, or - when changed - in 5 Minutes. There might be connections that fail to close anyway - but in most cases it should work. Richard

Sorry - “see MSDN” was wrong - i found the info in MS-TechNet :wink:

I recently found a program which list the current TCP/IP connections on the navision server. I can disconnect each individual connection to the Navision server service. I don’t have to stop and start anymore when phantom connections lock some tables. Use ATguard and go to statistics. On the left-bottom part of the screen you can find all connections. Right mouse click and presto no more restarting the Navision service. I think this program is part of some Norton suite now…

KeepAliveTime parameter doesn’t work. I made everything as described in MSDN. But when connection was lost the server disconnected session approx after 2.5 hours. How i can resolve this problem? Best regards, Const.