Disc-clearing Netherlands<->Germany

Hi all! I’ve a costumer (in germany) who uses disc-clearing with the Amro-Bank in the Netherlands. But I dont have information about the format used. It is a bit urgent, so I can’t wait for the bank to call me back. The data on the disc is structured like this (I’ve changed some data for obvious reasons): 0001A210203CLIEOP03 21011 0010B1004922821610001EUR 0020A3.KL / 112.LOT 0030B1000000LE- H.BEITER P 0100A100100000000145405456315720492282161 0160AKNR: 21177 DATUM: 21.02.2003 0100A100100000000770408914699660492282161 0160AKNR: 20355 DATUM: 21.02.2003 . . . 0100A100100000000270405377432430492282161 0160AKNR: 9069444 DATUM: 21.02.2003 9990A00000000000165529393418552630000230 9999A Can anyone give me information about this format? Thank you very much! Alex

You can download this format from the site http://www.interpay.nl/scripts/download2.asp?file=pdf/English_ClieOp_03_march_2003.pdf

Is this format called Verw 4.1 from Interpay? /Sven