Disabling of vendor invoice approval

Can I configure AX to not require the “Approved by” field to be populated on AP Invoice Journals? I have the Invoice register and invoice approval journal license config key turned off, but I am still having to populate the approver field on the invoice tab of the invoice journal voucher.

Additional information: I am only prompted to include the approver if the account type on the journal voucher line is vendor. If the account type on my voucher line is “Ledger”, then I am not required to populate the “Approved by” field.

We do not want to assign the approver for our vendor invoice journals. Any suggestions? I am using AX 2012.



I don’t think this could be achieved by standard. But this could be done with little customization.

You should be able to automatically populate the field with your worker ID by setting up a relation between your user and a worker. Not sure if it would be a good way for you to solve this, but I have found this to be the best way to do it.

This worked for me :slight_smile: Thanks