Disabling a record in Form

Hi All,

I want to disable (Non - Editable or Greyout) a complete Record ( Row ) in a Form by Unchecking a Check BOX in that record.

Please share your ideas…

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Hai Booby,

In form active method of Datasource, based on the check box make it allow edit-false.


if(ds.checkbox == noyes::yes)


i think this would work.

Hi Shon,

Sorry The solution which you given not worked for me.

Any other Ideas

Thanks For your Reply…

Override the modfied method of the field in form by

if(table_ds.checbox == noyes::no)




let me know the result.:slight_smile:


create a new method and write the code

void method1()


if(datasourcename.checbox == noyes::no)









Now call this method in your datasource active method and in the checkbox field’s modified method

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Hi Shon,

It Seems Working for me ,

But Once i checked that check box the selected row is disabled.

If i want to Uncheck the same Check Box it is not allowing me actually i want this functionality also.

Finally tell me can we disable a complete record by checking the check box except the check box.

Share your Ideas…

Thanks In Advance…[:)]

Yes u can,

It would be like just disable the front fields in that row… i mean each field except ur check box!!

I dont think you will have more fileds in the font end.

Try it!!

Just put a condition and then put a tablename_ds.allowedit(false) in the form level method


do it this way for whichever fields u need to restrict/allow access.

and call it on on active method of the DS.


narayan Ps

Group all the fields in the fieldgroup except the check box Now use this group in your form

Now in your active & check box’s modified method use the code

if(ttablename.checkbox == NO)




Hi Shon,

If we override the modifed method if once the checkbox is checked we cannot Edit

Any Field in DataSource.

Any How We have to do it in Active method only coz main thing is to disable selected record(i.e Active Record)

exactly bobby but what am suggesting is that instead disabling whole record in any method, disable only the required field which would be possible!

Hi Rajabudden,

Sorry if we apply this condition on Groups

We cant edit the entire group (i.e All Fields and Records inside the group) , But i want to disable only the current selected record

So the sollution is like we have to Override the Actvive() on Datasource then we can get the control on selected record (i.e Active)

Thanks For Sharing your Idea…[:)]

So its working that way??