Disable word wrap in multiline textbox

Is there a way to tell Navison not to wrap the text in a multiline textbox?

I want to show two lines of text in a single column. For both lines the first characters are the most important, the rest may be clipped.

I don’t know of a way to do this. If you NEVER want to word wrap in the TextBox, then I would change the textbox to be 2 single-line depth boxes.

If you sometimes want to word wrap, then I would put 2 new TextBoxes over the top of the current one in the Section, and associate 2 new global variables with them. In your code, you then either fill the 1 word-wrap box variable and blank the other 2 variables, or vice-versa.

Hope this helps, Andy

Two textboxes is the only way to do it. You’ll need to decide whether to keep the data in two fields or if you want to parse the value at runtime.

Hmm… I understand your suggestion, but it will not work. I want to do it in a list form and you cannot place fields on top of each other in a tablebox.

A tablebox only works for displaying data from tables. If you are dead set on using a tablebox, you’ll have to create a table to store the information.