Disable deletion of invoiced sales order

For example if I have to disable SO ‘Delete’ function through security (not through parameter control) on disallowing users to delete INVOICED SO. May I be advised how I can do so?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think this can be achieved with security roles. If you decide to set the access level not to delete,then it applies to all records.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for the response. Do you reckon this would be a development work?


No, you don’t need any development. Simply set Safety level of invoiced orders (in Accounts receivable parameters) to Locked.

Thanks Martin.

if I enable Safety level of invoiced orders to ‘Locked’ I would not be able able to raise ‘CREDIT NOTE’. I need alternative advise to be able to not delete INVOICED SO and be also able to raise CN.

Safety level of invoiced orders to ‘Warning’ would also not do the job since it would allow INVOICED SO deletion after a few warning messages.

Kindly suggest a best way to handle the scenario.


Then how would restricting the deletion of invoiced for some users address your concern?
To achieve this, you may have to go for the customization, so that it will not allow the delete but still will allow you to create the credit note.

Thanks Kranthi.

I understand that would be a development job then?