Disable a field after saving first time.

Hi all,

I have created a form with grid. In this grid i am entering a new values for the fields projid,loa number etc .After that i made allow edit to be no for the above fields so that it will not allow edit after save. But there is another field called Return Date in the same grid line… I made it enable since the user will fill the date field later. But after saving the date field for the first time in the line ,then return date field also to be disabled. Please let me know how can we do this? Please let me know if my query is not clear.


You can set the AllowEditOnCreate property to Yes and AllowEdit property to No for the first two fields, so that they will be available for edit only before save.

For the date field, write a method which holds the enable/disable logic and call this in the modified method of date field and in the active method of form data source

the code in the method created will be something like this

Invent_ds.object(fieldNum(InventTableModule,PriceDate)).enabled(invent.PriceDate == datenull());

Thanks Kranthi for the response . I got an another alternate solution for the above scenario.