Direct Link to Invoice Card & Credit memo card from Ledger entries


We want to have a direct link from the Ledger entry screen to the Invoice Card & Credit memo card. Once this is achieved we need to add this as a subform to the Customer Form.

We managed to get the direct link (in the Ledger entries form) by creating a button and setting its properties to link the No. in the Posted Invoice Form to the Document No. in the Cust. Ledger Form. But how can we make it dynamically select a Credit Memo card when a Credit memo entry is selected.

Also, the new challange is, when we try to add the ‘Customer Ledger form’ as a SUBFORM to the main Customer Form, it displays the ledger entries in the same screen fine but when clicked on the Invoice card there (present in the sub form) it gives the following error.

A value in the filter ‘AHRAM UN P.CODE.11511’ in the No. field in the Sales Invoice Header table is too long for the field type.

Type: Code20

The value it picks up is from the Address2 in the Main Customer Form.

Can you please help us out here.


Hi Mhitendra,

On the subform issue - look like you are linking on the address onstead in the customer no. - check the SubFormLink property of th subform.