Dimesion Code Madatory for other than Global Dimen

I am trying to palce Code Mandatory for the Dimensions other than that of Global Dimesions in the Job Module. When I try to post cost WIP to G/L with the setup mentioned above I get an error message saying "Please specify dimension Value code for Shortcut Dimension - X’. Is there any hot fix for this problem or cant I set the Code Mandatory for Dimensions other than that of Global Dimensions, if I can setup this… is there any extra setup required for this… I will be glad to get a solution for this… cheers Sharath

If I’m not mistaken, you can set up any and all of your dimensions to be mandatory. You may have to do this on a job by job basis though. If you are on a Job Card and click on the “Job” menu button, you will see the “Dimensions” option. There you can choose all of the dimensions that you wish to default for the job, or you can set up a dimension that you wish to be mandatory. I don’t think that you can set dimensions to be mandatory at the “Job Setup” level. In other words, you cannot enter these mandatory dimensions in the Jobs Setup card, only from the job card itself. Of course, with customization…Almost anything is possible. Best of Luck, Mark.

Hi Sharath, Are you sure that “shortcut Dimension - X”-values are attached to all of your Job Ledger Entries. When you post WIP to G/L, the original dimension-values, attached to the original job ledger entry, are used when posting WIP. If You do not have “shorcut dimension - X”-values attached originally, you will get exactly the error mentioned, if you in the meanwhile have made this “shortcut dimension - X” mandatory. regards Alexander

…cud solve this… the diemension values used to get cleared due to some development done on this and the values cud not be recognoized while posting WIP… and henceforth the ERROR… now itz all fine… thanks for the help…