Hi All ,

Ax 2012 R2 .

Client has one main account - 12899 ,for this account one custom financial dimension created called -TRADE.

TRADE has the values - A1 , B1 , C1 , D1 , E1 .

When ever user post the entries to the main account 12899 , then user will select the any one of the above dimension value and post the entry.

Now the question is when preparing the Balance sheet client says that same account balance should come twice in the BS with different dimension values.

Ex: Using the dimension values ( A1. B1, D1) posted to the main account 12899 balance - $ 10,000

Using the dimension values ( C1, E1 ) posted to the main account 12899 balance - $ 18,000

Normally we will show as one account in BS and total balance - $ 28,000

But client is asking the Balance sheet in Ax as mentioned below.

Balance Sheet

Account Code Current Year Previous Year

12899 10,000 9,000

12899 18,000 12,000

Is there any option available in Financial Statement traditional in Ax to prepare the BS as mentioned above. ?

Thanks in advance.


You can generate account statement by dimenssion to see details. If client required BS with dimension then you can create in FRX or Management Reporter with dimenssion wise.