Dimensions Description

How can get the description of the dimension in a certain record in ledgerjournaltrans? please help me…i need it badly…thanks


Actually it is not clear which description you want but as i understand i give the code,


Dimensions dimensions;

select Description from dimensions where dimensions.Num == ledgerJournalTrans.Dimension[1];


Thanks & Regards,

Britto John Baskar.A

Hi Miss Blue,

Make your Question bit more clear…!

Ok sorry for the confusion… ok this is the detailed problem…

i have created a report called Credit Memo…in AP Module… the report should return the description of dimension [department] of each transaction line. i tried doing this code…

str dim;

select * from dimensions where dimensions.dimensioncode == 0;

dim = dimensions.description

-but it only return the first record in the dimensions table.

please help me…thanks…

but i also get the first