Dimension wise customer aging report

Hi experts, i tried to get the customer ageing report by filtering business unit but no luck. when i am giving the below filter it is taking all the customers where at least one open invoice from the selected BU. I am looking for an ageing report which consist only the open invoices in the selected BU. anybody please help me.

How did you added the customer transactions to the query ? Is this customized? The standard report will have only customer table in it.
If you have added it by clicking select (1:n and then customer transactions), then it will not work. It will only filter the customers. The report logic will fetch all the open customer transactions as per standard.

Yes it is from 1:n option with standard query form. is there any other way to filter the BU wise transactions in customer ageing report?

It has to be customized.

Here is the code to fetch the data for selected Financial Dimensions.

I Did for the BussinessUnit dimension by passing hard coded value as 1103".

DefaultDimensionView defaultDimensionView;
CustTrans custTrans;

delete_from custAgingReportTmp
exists join custTrans
where custTrans.Invoice == custAgingReportTmp.InvoiceId
&& custTrans.Voucher == custAgingReportTmp.Voucher
&& custTrans.TransDate == custAgingReportTmp.TransDate
exists join defaultDimensionView
where defaultDimensionView.DefaultDimension == custTrans.DefaultDimension
&& defaultDimensionView.Name == “BussinessUnit”
&& defaultDimensionView.DisplayValue != “1103”;