Dimension values

Whenever, I try to add or change my dimension values, an error message appears : you do not have access to cost accountig set up table. My license is BE and i have the advanced dimension granule , Help

Hi gary

I received a reply that i need to set up something on the cost accounting from “APPLICATION SETUP”. But which one? I can seem to figure it out

What reply?

Is this a customization?

I think the German localization has a cost accounting granule, not sure about the BE one (that’s Belgium?)

BE is business essentials I assume [:D]

Hi David

No its not costumization, It is a standard feature of Business essentials


hi adam

i received an email this message after i posted my issue. It said that I have to set up something in the cost accountinp. set up table in the application set up. i cant just figure how which one. Hope to reslove this issue really soon