Dimension Tables and Locking in Native DB

Hi All We have a client who is experiencing Locking problems with the Document and Journal Dimension tables. The principle problem area is then batch processes are disrupted by Dimension table locks taken by other users posting sales or purchase documents. The database is native Navision v3.60 approximately 15 Gb and 20 concurrent users. The server is dedicated to Navision it has twin 1 Ghz processors and 1 Gb ram. The Navision service is on a separate harddisk. The database is located on 8 harddisks configured to 2 mirrored disks (raid 1) separate controllers. A typical client machine has XP, 2 Ghz processor, 256 ram and 10Gb harddisk. Connection to Navision is tcp/ip, novell 4.8 used for file/print sharing. There are a couple of threads that mention problems in the same areas (6530 and 7446). The essence of the advice seems to be either turn off/remove shortcut dimension checking or to wait for 3.7 and see if there are any improvements in the coding.[V] We are advising our client to run batch processes on fast client machines, and out of regular office hours. Does anyone have any other suggestions or experience to share? Does version 3.7 address any of these issues? Any Help would be appreciated thanks.

you can customize your batch jobs to lock the tables themselves at startup. so no batchjob will be interrupted while running. But users than have to wait a little bit longer …


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novell 4.8 used for file/print sharing.

Hi David, I found out that the combination of WXP/W2K clients with a Novell server is terribly. I kicked out my Novell 5.0 server and clients are much faster since then. And I cannot prove that we had a lot of locking problems because of this combination, but it’s a fact that it’s less after switching off the Novell server!

Thanks for your feed back guys, much appreciated.[:D] Now I just have to convince the client that its not just another scheme from Microsoft to discredit Novell[:)] David

I think this is bad advice. Novell is not doing anything in navision. The only thing you could say is "maybe… maybe… perhaps maybe… there is less network traffic without novell. You can try and shutdown the novell server and investigate and eliminate the problem but giving advice IT IS the novell server would be bad. Maybe the microsoft tpcip stack is buggy on the client pc in combination with a novell network client. My advice would be to eliminate further and yes, shutdown the novell server and take michiels remarks as a tip to look into…


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My advice would be to eliminate further and yes, shutdown the novell server and take michiels remarks as a tip to look into…

Erik, It wasn’t meant as an advice, just a user experience. Our local Hardware partner also investigated the matter. They did advice me to stop using Novell (they did themselves after changing W95/98 client to W2K/WXP). So the last thing you mention is correct: I was just giving a tip to look into…[;)]

OK, must admit I was a bit hasty with my reply :wink: