Dimension display issue in retail module

ear folks, When ever I go to company>>inventory management>>on hand inventory>> then click ok on query it will open a list page in the extreme right(action pane) we will get dimension display when i click there i get 14 dimension like item number, size color… etc but when i go to the same company company>>retail>>setup>>barcode>>inventory>>dimension display it shows only 4 dimension display here in the 2nd one i want to add few dimensions which are mentioned in the first scenario Please note dimesnion display is the same form(InventDimParmFixed) and its datasource is a “InventDimParm” in memory table and code is also same. Please help to resolve this issue

You have to distinguish between different types of dimensions. What you see are item dimensions - I assume the barcode will be the same regardless of where it is stored (e.g. in which warehouse) or how it is tracked (e.g. which serial number).

Read About inventory dimensions and dimension groups for details about inventory dimensions. Refer to the retail documentation for information about retail-specific forms and logic.

Thanks Martin for your reply, I understand that the above mentioned field display are part of product dimension.My requirement is that I want to just add a new field called serial ID in the display dimension for bar code. What i feel and see that in both case it refers to same form and field is also there the form and its design, my main concern was why it is not showing up there. As if now we have 4 dimensions over if we check in the grid we get 4 fields over there, I just want to add a 5th field called serial ID when it gets checked the field should come up in the respected grid for bar code. Sorry If I am being Dumb… I read the documents didn’t get much idea how to proceed further, Please throw some lights and guide me to achieve the requirement further

Serial ID doesn’t sound like an item dimension to me. Is your intention to add a tracking dimension there? Does it make logical sense? (Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the form, nevertheless if tracking dimensions made sense there, they probably wouldn’t be excluded in the standard AX application.)

1)Serial ID is a tracking dimension not a product dimension!!! 2)yes I am trying to add a tracking dimension over there 3)not sure of logical sense??? 4)is it just possible to add a field serial over there and when it gets checked respective field will come up???

The logical sense is the crucial thing. If barcodes in the form can’t be based on tracking dimensions, displaying tracking dimensions would be a bug, not a feature.

If you read my first reply, you know that you really don’t have to explain to me that serial ID is a tracking dimension. I’m just not sure that you understand the impact of your requirement.