Dimension , Dimensions Value and Dimension Value Type

Hello Experts…

I have gone through topic Dimension from Application Set Up ebook. But its too confusing to me. Can somebody explain me what its use in NAV using some practical example.

Thanks a ton in advance

Alok Shah

I have one sales account, I have products that are BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW. Each item has this as a dimension, this means from the one sales account I can analyse the value and quantity of the GREEN, without changing my COA.

can you explain it in more detail? still am confused…

Where would you like the more detail?

Have you looked at the analysis cards and analysis functionality - have a look. Also look at the account schedule design and how this can be run by dimension etc.

We set dimension in nav to get specific MIS reports. E.g. a company has four branches (A,B,C,D) so the management wants to get branch wise sales, purchase, profit report, and also need to analyze chart of accounts branch wise. To get this kind of reports we need to set branch as dimension and dimension values will be A,B,C and D. Like this we can set total eight dimensions, tow of that will be Global Dimension and other six will be Shortcut Dimension.

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