Dimension Cost Center must be filled in - Invoice match posting


I’m trying to post a Invoice Match, where i match two purchase orders with a invoice. But when i try to post this, i get the following error message: The dimension Cost center must be filld in for accout 1401.

I have checked this account, under the dimensions tab, and is is set to: To be filled in.

I have checked the purchase order, and the purchase order header has a cost center dimension filled in, but a saw a couple of rows, that did not have a cost center filled in.

so my question in, where is it nessecery to fill in the cost center,??

It depends upon what account 1401 is and when the systme posts to this account.

Fill in the dimensions on the lines and see if this resolves the issue - you state some are empty and you have the system set to block posting when the dimension is not known.

On the chart of accounts, it is setup that dimension Cost center must be entered, so I did a test, and that seemed to be the problem, that the cost center was missing on some of the rows in the purchase order.

I have to wait now for the real test, by the user who works with this order to gvie me feedback if it is working after she chooses a cost center on every row.

Thank you =)