dimension code mandatory error even though dimensions set

Hi there,

My client has problem posting a sales service invoice because of setting dimension as code mandatory for the clients.

Even though the dimension value is set to the invoice head and lines the error is still showing.

Please HELP!

So you are posting Service Invoice?

What is the exact error message?

Yes it is a service invoice generated from a service contract.

The error is :“Select a Dimension Value Code F/EF for G/L Account …”

The dimension value code is set and it still do not post.

Odds are you need to re-validate the dimensions. Dimensions, while visible and stored on Header and Line tables, are also stored in secondary tables. In this case, Document Dimension. It is these secondary tables that the posting routines and code look at to get the dimension values.

I can almost guarantee that if you click Order Button → Dimensions, and / or Line → Dimensions for each line, one or more of the windows that opens up will be missing one or more dimensions.

The easy solution is to click on each dimension field on the header and lines, and type F2, F2, Enter. The double F2 makes NAV think you are changing the value and re-validates the value. When that value is re-validates, it should copy the dimensions into the secondary tables.

Thnx Matt [:D]

It is true the problem was with the Document Dimension table ,

thnx again Rigersa


After so many years with Navision I did NOT know this F2F2 thingie [:$]

However, it happens regularily, that DocDims or LineDims are out of sync with “primary” records, there have been many cries for help about it.
In Journal, those 100% don’t get updated, when a whole line is selected and copypasted to new line…

I had heard, that in earlier versions it was possible to enforce validation once more for already entered data, but could not find HOW. Some stars from me…


I just tried in Journal - copypasted an entire line, of course, NO Dims in JournalLineDimension table for the copied , but even a single F2, Enter enforced validation…