Different Standard Cost for the same Item


I came across one scenario when uploading Inventory opening balance. Please help me to sort out the same if anyone has solution for the same.

The scenario as follows:

I have one Item called “ITEM-1” The same Item got total 2 Quantity on hand. 1 is in Finished Goods stage and the other 1 is in WIP stage. In fact the FG cost is @ 10 rupees and WIP cost is @ 7 rupees.

I am following Standard Cost method and in Costing version the cost is entered as 10 and activated the same. But when I post the batch of WIP through Inventory Movement the system is automatically update the cost into 10 from 7; this is hitting my GL side. In fact I want the WIP batch should be posted with the cost of 7.

I kindly request everyone faced the same scenario and found any solution then please let me know ASAP.

Thanks in advance



You cannot bring in an item in WIP in AX as it is not in stock - the standard cost is irrelevant. When bringing in opening balances for production I would advise you clear all of teh WIP down, if you do not then the item is not in stock and you will have created a WIP production so again it does not matter.

Standard cost is standard cost for the item in inventory.

Dear Adam,

Thanks for your quick answer. Much appreciated.

Once again thanks.