Different sales prices for different locations

Hello everyone,

I am working with nav 5.0 sp1. I work for a company that have 18 stores.

When we sell goods to custemers from menu Sales order to customers i can select the correct price but also i need to have different prices in different stores.

In one store we want to have a lower prices than the others, but how to do so? Do we have to reduce for hole network instead of one location? i don’t think so, so who have any idea or experience in that it will help me.



I don’t remember by heart was there an option to assign SalesPrice by Loc (check yourself is there Loc field in te SP form, it may be hidden), I’m abroad now and do not have Navision on my “vacation” laptop. [;)]

If there isn’t Loc field, and it might be so, the you can use Item Variants, these for sure can have price per variant.


Location field is not there in Sales Price form, so user will have to explore price per variant.

you could try to use the “Customer Price” groups and set up a different groups for each store.

I’ve tried to use “Customer Price Groups”, but i can use this option only if i’m going to sell from the menu “Sales Order”, but i want to connect those prices with the POS of the store and when an item is sold to that POS also decrease the stock of that store. Normaly this option should have a standart solution from software but also if somebody have done smth similar before can help a lot.

Thank you for your replies.


i must agree with themave that you should use the “customer price group” for pricing flexibility. but if your concern is that the POS should dictate the price range, then it should have that capability (i’m sure POS has it). then the next thing to do is to develop an integration facility from your POS to the ERP (NAV). i know of some projects that has an integration facility from Microsoft Retail Management System (POS) to Great Plains (ERP) and Retail PRO or RPRO (POS) to NAV (ERP).


Thank you for your reply, but i have to say that POS will do as Nav is configured to work. If you use “customer price group” (even from the screen, not from POS),

you will find this problems:

  1. Sistem will ofer prices you should selct the right one manually (but cash registers are not as smart as me [:|].

  2. How will you manage the stock of the store if you are selling to a customer?

  3. How can system maintain priority about prices ( For example: he has to choose between Price for all customers, price for that customer, and promotion price. The three of them are active for a selected date.)

This are my concerns.

Thanks again and regards.

This one is easy - Navision smartly selects the best price for customer, read, the smallest one, if more than one price is actual for given Item / date / customer / custgroup / campaigh / qty purchased etc etc…

Yes, but i do not want to select the smallest one or the biggest one, i want the price that have priority to be valid on those dates.

Ps. Enjoy your vacations Modris.

Ok, i understand that i’m asking smth maybe not possible but at least can somebody tell me how to create a link between location and customer? or is it possible to do such thing??[:$]


Dear Parade

If It is Navision , If you are using LS retail for the POS

Then There is a store group throgh which we can put the distribution group .

Put one customer price group and then set Distribution group , Then It is available at that store only indirectly it is only to one store