Different Job Dimension in Header and Line???

Hello, we want to make it possible to use Default Dimensions for Locations. No problem at all, because we have used the standard procedure CreateDim. The Idea is that when a location is choosen in the Salesheader or Salesline the Dimension has to be filled. But when we tested it, we got a problem. When the Locationcode in Salesline is changed, the Dimension stays the same like the Header. First we thought of a bug in our Code, but when you try it with the “Job no.” you will have the same problem. Make two default Dimension for two Jobs. First choose the first Job in your order and the other one in your Salesline. Now, when you look in your line Dimension you will have the Dimension from the Job in your header. It works in 3.6 and 3.7 Any suggestions? Greetz Sven

Hi Sven It sounds like it may be a Dimension Priority problem. For the Job, has the Job been set up to have a higher priority than customer? In Dimension Priorities, Location is not currently one of the options to choose for a priority, so it will need some modification to include Location in Dimension Priority. Cheers Peter

The Dimensions on the Sales Header are used as defaults for a Sales Line. The Sales Line has its own rules for determining dimenisons (Including DImension Priorities for Advanced Dimensions). In your example of Jobs: - Create a Sales Order with JOB-A - Create two Sales Lines for this Order with JOB-B and JOB-C. What would you expect the Sales Header dimensions to be?