Different date format in server and client side

I can view the date format in dd/mm/yyyy in my computer but why my customer view the date format in mm/dd/yyyy. I have check the regional setting in my customer side and the computer regional setting date format is at the correct format which is dd/mm/dddd but why although her computer system date is as dd/mm/yyyy why she still view the date format in mm/dd/yyyy ? Anybody know how to solve it?

I had this problem too. If your sytem date is right it will display it right in navision, cause navision takes over the settings of your computer. But maybe the settings of the customer is different. So you have to make the settings of your computer and the settings of the customer the same. You can also set the date all the same in navision. If you have a field in navision then most show a date, then you can go to properties and you go to DateFormula = dd/mm/yyyy and this will always the dateformule for this field. Else navision takes the sytem date. I hope you can make something about this greetings, Martin