Different customers, different prices, same item

Each customer of ours has a different price for the same item. Some of the sales team would like to be able to assign each of these prices to the customer without having to do the data entry (i.e.the price they last ordered the item is the “locked” price).

Is there a way to do this without a whole lot of heavy programming? Is there one specific function that allows this?

Just curious.


There is no standard process of “locking” the last price paid as the customer price. This would mean first defining or researching the price, entering it in the order and then having the system record this. You really want to be using the sales pricing funciton from the customer or item card as this will give you what you want. You maybe able to opulate these fields based upon history as a one off - but this sticks the price as “forever” with little control over accurate pricing, so it is not something I would recommend!

Thanks! I just got reported the customer pricing groups and line discounts as well.

I also see what you’re talking about as well…I think this is the area the sales team wanted to avoid, but from what I understand of Navision, there’s still going to be data entry involved (which is what they want to avoid - they were hoping for one click or a hot key to do all this for them).


Thanks again![C]

If only life and business was that easy [:D]

I have just finished a development where several things get updated from the sales line.
Extended Text
Item description
and so on.
It would be a simple thing to update the Sales Price table from the sales line, insert a new record if this is the first sale for that customer.

next time the customer orders that item, you will get the last price the customer paid.

Would this work if the customer already exists??

Not sure what you are asking?
The update is to the Sales Price table, the customer would have to exist.

Take a situation like this:

  1. Enter New Customer.
  2. Raise a Sales Order.
  3. For each line, as the price is entered, code checks the Sales price table and (if not found) INSERT the new price with some defaults for Start Date and End Date etc.
    Next time the customer orders that Item, the price will come up (depending on the date filter). If the price is changed, code checks and changes the price in the Sales Price table.
    You could put some checks to ensure that zero price or such is not allowed but the operation is transparent to the user.
    Rgds, Colin

For clarity, I should say “when the price is changed on the new sales line”.
In case of wrong prices, as long as there is a check before sending the Order Confirmation or Invoice then any change to correct the price (for that Item for that Customer) will simply update the Sales price table.