Different Application version and kernel version

Hello there experts,

I installed AX 2012 R2 on Windows Server 2012R2, everything went fine. Now I had updated AX2012R2 to CU7, but seems I am missing some steps there is a mismatch between Application version and Kernel Version

After the update:

Kernel Version : 6.2.1000.5776

Application Version : 6.2.1000.4051

Please let me know any possible steps that I am missing.

Thanks in Advance.

6.2.1000.4051 is CU7, therefore your application seems to be all right. And because the kernel version is higher, it seems that you have included some later kernel fixes. If a kernel hotfix doesn’t change any application code, it doesn’t increase the application version, therefore a difference doesn’t automatically pose any problem.

Thanks Martin for the confirmation

I need to rollback the updates as we want the development (customizations) to be loaded first followed by the CU7 update.

Thanks for your input.

Take care.