Different Application version and Kernel Version

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After applying one hotfix to AX 2012 R2, the kernel version changed to 6.2.1000.986 and the application version is still the same

I want to know is this behaviour is normal or am i missing anything here. Also I want to know the difference between application version and kernel version.

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Is the hotfix a kernel hotfix? If yes then it is normal. However in few cases it happens that you upgrade to later roll-up version or install application hotfix and your application version does not change. You can go to the *\msi* folder of the roll-up/hotfix downloaded path and repair the ObjectServer32/ObjectServer64 msi file. Restart your AOS and launch AX client again.

The Dynamics AX Kernel is the component executing the X++ Application code. So the Kernel version is the version of the executable (Client, Server, Business Connectors) while the Application version is the version of the Dynamics AX “Business Logic” - the X++ Application code, Forms, Reports – everything in the AOT.

Thanks a lot Kiran.

How can we find out it is a kernel hotfix? and What do you meant by “later roll-up version”?



Thanks a lot Kiran.

How can we find out it is a kernel hotfix? and

What did you mean by “later roll-up”?

  • Arun.S

You can go through the hotfix description txt file for that info.

Later roll-up means the later/higher product version/update. Like upgrading from CU1 to CU3 or CU6 etc…