Differences Between Navision and Axapta for Finance and Manufacturing user

Hi, I have used Navision Attain 4.7 v, I would like to know are there major differences between them in finance and manufacturing modules. Thanks for kind feedback Regards Siwa

Hi Siwa & Welcome to Dynamics User Group,

I think it might be 3.x and not 4.7, please check. As far as I know , there are not major changes in these 2 modules. But if you have access to Partnersource/ customersource, then you can get the “Whats New” document from there having details of changes from its earlier version.

Thanks for your reply Dhan, but my actual question was and could not edit the questions. Is there a major difference between Navsion and Dynamics AX,CRM.

Following blog may give you a comparison of Ax and NAV, there are two blogs on this by Adam:


CRM is not a complete ERP solution and mainly caters to Relationship Management and thats why can’t be compared with other two products.

Hi, Siwa seth, welcome to the Dynamics User Group! [<:o)]

As mentioned previously, there is no such thing as “Attain 4.7”. There has been a Navision/Attain/NAV 3.70, then followed by 4.0, 4.0 SP1, SP2, SP3, etc… and of course there have been remarkable changes and enhancements since then!

Regarding NAV, CRM and AX:
Of course there is quite a lot of differences, each of these solutions are different products for different purposes and business needs, based on different technologies; just briefly:

  • NAV = ERP/SCM/etc. (small/middle sized companies)
  • CRM = Customer Relations/Contact Management/Marketing
  • AX = ERP/SCM/etc. (middle/large sized companies)

Check out this site about further details:


In summary whilst they may have sales orders, purchase orders, items and production orders, they are VERY VERY different. [:D]