Difference in the Project Budget Values in AX 2012 R3 CU11


I am using AX 2012 R3 CU11 and I have the below scenario,

  1. There is a Project in the Project Management and Account Module.

  2. I open the Project Budget form to look at the Total Approved budget value of the Project. This project has multiple Approved Project Budget Revisions.

Now when I look at the Project budget, the original budget was lets say 100,000. After 1st Revision it is 110,000 and after second revision it is 120,000 and lastly after 3rd revision it is 130,000.

So when I look at the Total Approved Budget Value of the Project, it gives me Value = 130,000. (This data I am getting from the UI i.e. from the Project Budget Form.

  1. Now, there is a report in AX Project Management and Accounting → Reports → Project Statement → Consumption → Consumption (Actual Vs. Budget) → Project Consumption (Actual Vs Budget) (STANDARD REPORT),

In this Project Consumption Report, there is a column “Budget” (Second Last column) that gives you the same value (Ideally)

  1. Now when I am running this report, the Value in the Budget column is coming as 200,000. (70,000 is MORE)

My observation:

For this Project, there are 3 Categories attached to it for which the budget is allocated. Now below are my observations,

  1. The data on the UI is getting displayed from the table “ProjBudgetLine”. Now in this table I have only 3 entries each for 1 category,

A,B,C = Sum(TotalBudget) = 130,000.

  1. The data in the Project Consumption report is getting from the table 'ProjTransBudget". Now in this table I have multiple entries for each transactions (A,B,C). and Summation of all the transactions of all the categories is 200,000.

  2. Now if I am adding up all the values of A Category from “ProjTransBudget” table, the value should be same as the Category value of A in the “ProjBudgetLine” but which is not the case and there is a difference of 70,000. And this inconsistency case is there for all the Categories ONLY for this project.

My Queries are as below:


Query-1: Can there be entries in the ProjTransBudget which are positive which might be by mistake and should actually be Negative? ( May be the user entered positive value which was supposed to be entered negative)?

Query-2: Can there be entries present in the ProjTransBudget which are not present on the UI? Meaning someone delete few data from UI?

Query-3: Can there be entries missing in the ProjTransBudget??? i.e. While verifying the data in excel, if I am adding up value in the AmountMST (+ve or -ve) for that particular category, the summation for that particular category is being resolved.

Query-4 (Important): How can I resolve this inconsistency issue???

Query-5 (Important): How can I convince the management for this inconsistency??

As besides this project, rest for all the projects the Total Approved budget Value on the UI is same as that of the Budget column in the Project Consumption Report.

I am trying to troubleshoot why the values are NOT same for this project and what went wrong as the management is raising the issue.

Would appreciate for some help.