Difference between Valuation Date and Posting Date

I did a search on the forums but can’t find anyone discussing this… What exactly is the difference between the Valuation Date and the Posting Date on the Value Entry table? Some times these 2 are the same but sometimes these 2 dates are different. The Inventory Valuation report uses the Posting Date as the date filter to calculate the end date if you were to backdate the report. The same goes to Inventory to G/L Reconcile report. However, codeunit ItemCostManagement (5804) uses the Valuation Date to calculates the inventory value as of a particular date. If you run a report under these 2 fields, you’ll get different results. Any answers on this topic will help me sleep better at nights. =)


Hi, Valuation Date is internally managed by the system and used to calculate the Unit Cost for Item.


Originally posted by Rajeshj
Hi, Valuation Date is internally managed by the system and used to calculate the Unit Cost for Item.

Well… Yes, I knew that already. If the valuation date is really used to manage the unit cost for the item, then why does the inventory valuation use posting date?

Hi, the valuation date shows the date of item ledger entry’s posting date. Cheers

Hi Girish, Not all the time. There are instances where the valuation date is different than the item ledger’s posting date. An instance is when you have item charges applied against a receipt.

Hi Dead Lizard, In version 3.60, if you post the purchase invoice for item charge with steps as Line → Item charge assignments → functions → get receipt line → functions → suggest amount → (Any option). → post invoice. This will create a value entry with posting date as Invoice Posting date and Valuation date as “Item ledger entry.Posting date”. Cheers

Hi Girish, Ok, so why does Inventory Valuation report use the Posting Date while the ItemCostManagement Codeunit uses Valuation date? How do we get these 2 to match?

Hi Dead Lizard :slight_smile: Well the Valuation Date can be defined as the date from which the value entry is included in the average cost calculation. The average cost is calculated as the sum of the values of the cost amount (actual) field divided by the sum of the Invoiced Qty for the values with Valuation date equal to earlier than the inventory decrease. The Posting date and the valuation date will be the same unless 1. There is a revaluation of the ledger entry 2. If the item has been sold before it has been purchased 3. In the case of the item charges Cheers,

Hi Rohith, Thanks for the explaination. It seems really wierd to have the valuation date and posting date be different when calculating the cost. Here’s the problem I’m having though, the client wants to match the unit cost of the Inventory Valuation report to the Item Card. Is this even possible?