difference between Sales Invoice and Posted Sales Invoice


What is difference between Sales Invoice and Posted Sales Invoice??

**Sales Invoice:**Specifies all the relevant information when you create a sales invoice.

On the four FastTabs, you enter general information about the sell-to and bill-to customers, such as name, address, document number and date and information about shipment and currency. Most information about the customer is copied from the customer card when you enter the customer number on the sales invoice. On the lines, you enter information about the items to be invoiced.

When you have finished filling in the sales invoice, you can post it.

**Posted Sales invoice:**Shows sales invoices that have been posted and shipped.

The window is very similar to the Sales Invoice window. It contains a header with FastTabs for various types of information about the invoice, and lines with details about the items that were invoiced. You cannot change the information in the fields in the window.