Difference between Order date and Document date


For some purchase orders, order date and document date are different. Could you please provide some information on difference between those two dates and on what purpose those two are dedicated to use.

When should i use Posting date and when document date?

Thank you

Hi! Posting date is used for recording transactions in sub ledgers and the general ledger. Literally the date the transaction is posting to. This is the most important date.

Order date is a reference date only - not used elsewhere in the application except for sorting, filtering etc.

Document date is another key date field in the application. This is used to derive the due date for the document.

Hope this helps.


The Order Date on the header is not very important but remember it is used as the default for the Order Date on the document lines, and at a line level it does have impacts in terms of calculating Planned Receipt Date, etc., and also, if you use the Purchase Price and/or Purchase Discount tables, to select the correct line against Starting and Ending Dates (where they’re defined).

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