Difference between 'ledger settlement' balance and 'trial balance' amount of a ledger balance

Hi All,

We are facing this issue on AX 2012 R2 (CU9) - 6.2.3000.4038

A difference of 38,23€ has been identified between ledger settlement and Trial balance. The origin of the problem seems to be related to the voucher 101-RPO000952 (journal 101-180708). this journal was created on the date of 08/02 put using the date of 11/01. This was possible because the ledger period of January remains opened.

The amount of 19179.35 is the conversion using the rate of 11/01 and 19141.12 is the one using the rate of 22/02. But even if a journal was processed for this difference, it remains.

Balance as per TB > Ledger (28 Feb): Euro 1237289.12

As per ledger settlement data which causing this issue. Other entries in Ledger Settlement looks fine.:


Please can you help.