Difference Between Item Group And Item Model Group

Greeting to all

Can Anyone Explain about the Difference between Item Group and Item Model Group.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Praeep,

They can both be used to ‘Group’ your items, but when determining the groups to use you should also consider the functionality related to each of them.

Item groups are used to control the ledger accounts that are used at different times during day-to-day operations. For example, if you have different inventory accounts for different types of item in the G/L, these items will need to be in different items groups.

Item model groups control how the items behaves in other ways. It has a direct influence on inventory costing; the item model group defines the costing method, and some settings about how that behaves. The item model group has lots of other parameters. Some important ones relate to if the item is stocked/non-stocked, whether it can go negative, too many to list. Check here: