Difference between general ledger and subledger

Hi, for a customer we encountered the following problem: our customer discovered a difference between his general ledger and subledger. The source of this problem could be that our customer has posted directly on ledgers with subledger. This way, the general ledger has changed and the subledger isn’t. How can we solve this problem, so that subledger and general ledger are in balance again? We know that, normally, you setup this ledger to be able to post on directly. In this case, it was a customer who has been transfered from another solution centre.

Hello Peter, cumbersome problem, which unfortunately occurs sometimes, because somebody is fiddeling manually with certain accounts… In the G/L entries the field “System-Created Entry” indicates if this entry has been created by code (generally from subledgers or batch processes) or manually via a journal. The manual entries that make your account not balance can therefore be identified and must be reversed in G/L manually again. It is recomendable that these kind of accounts that have subledger entries do not allow for direct entry, field “Direct posting” not ticked. Saludos Nils