difference bet stock valuation and g/l bal

hi guys, i’ve got a client using navision 3.6 and there are huge differences between the inventory valuation report and the balance reported in the general ledger. The costing method used is average cost. The automatic cost posting is activated. there are no direct postings in the general ledger account. ajust cost- item entries, post inventory cost to G/L are run on a daily basis. i’ve process multiple purchase order, sales order, inventory adjustment but i can’t simulate the problem, i.e. obtain that difference between inventory valuation amount and g/l balance. any suggestions as to what may cause the differences. thanks :slight_smile:

Hi What are the totals of the goods shipped not invoiced and goods received not invoiced reports?

How do you get the Inventory Values? I am not sure but would not the Inventory Report be the average cost of open invoiced entries per unit * Quantity.

hi david and steven, got the inventory valuation by running the inventory valuation report (object id 1001) and it is using the quantity on hand * the average cost of the product. i checked the goods shipped or received not invoiced, don’t think there are any. but i also did a test i.e. sell goods that have been received but not invoiced. the inventory valuation and the g/l balance did agree…



don’t think there are any.

So what did the reports return?

Are you up-to-date? Several hotfixes as released for version 3.60; 33 actually + some locals. And some of those are related to inventory and -revaluation. Version 3.70 (a&b) has some changes concerning this issue as well. And MBS released some guide-lines how to fix messed-up dinventory-data. [B)]

hi steven, i checked the item ledger table for any uninvoiced item. as far as i can tell, everything have been invoiced. dumb one: is there a standard report where i can check items that have not been invoiced. couldn’t find it[:I]

Hi In Inventory reports you have Stock Recived not Invoiced and Stock Shipped not Invoiced. If you are not using expected cost posting you will need to take the values of these reports into consideration when reconciling to the GL.

Hi, I don’t think these are standard reports [:(], but would be nice to have them.

Items Recd Not invoiced is report No. 11626. Can’t find the other one.

Hi, 10.000 ID range is used for localized objects. This one is not localized but you can be glad it is included in your version as a standard report. It would be nice to have these two reports also in W1 version.

Hi These are certainly standard reports in the GB version - it is how the reconciliation to GL is done. If you have a localized method you will need advice on how this is run.