Diff between User and commerce portal

Hi, Can any one help me in listing down broadly the differences between user and commerce portal.

To the best of my understanding, User portal is the intranet based solution (meant for employees - sales staff and warehouse guys - who are more likely to be remote users remote ). Every user has to have a windows login , where as commerce portal is the internet based solution aimed at the world at large. So anybody can access the website and is mainly menat for online shopping (though what all he can access on the site can be controlled)

Just to let you know, I heard that those 2 products will slowly disappear to be replaced by SharePoint Portal Server with Navision 4.0.

SharePoint Portal Server will only replace User Portal for now. User Portal was based on the precessor to SharePoint Portal Server (don’t remember the name) and the software is not supported by Microsoft anymore. That was also why the Microsoft representive at the Microsoft Business Solutions Tech 2003 conference last year said that we should NOT use it - unless the customer already had it.

I think you are referring to Digital dashboard

I am…