Hi guys,

I have a dilog form for the report…i have a combo box with different options…my questions is, which method shall i use so when i change the value in the combo box , it should change the value of another combo box on the same dialog form automatically.



Write the code in the modified method of the first combo box. Hope this solves your problem


What Madhusudan says, I hav little doubt. It’s fine, when you are doing it on form.

But in class, that’s not so easy.

While gone through the same situation, I found this.

Try this link, it might help u…


hi manish_s

you are right actually i missed out the report thing… sorry for that i am working on it now.hope to find the solution soon.


Thanks for replying…I have read the article but im not sure how to use it in my case…I am simply using CustAgingReport and just would like to override the event modified. I will try and let you guys know when i solve this problem.

thanks again

u can write in the getFromDialog method of the report


in dialog method

combobox1 = dialog.addfieldvalue();

and in the getfromdilaog u can asign the value to the combo box

i think it would help u

Hi Edesigne

have u got the solution . i also need to do similar kind of work…

Hey, u can use the method DialogSelectCtrl, if u are working on class extended from RunBase.

For reports also, u can call this method.

Hope, it helps…