Dialog for Report

can somebody help me on how to pass a value from a form to Dialogbox to filter a report in ax 2009

I’ve tried init methods but still is not working, can somebody share some example for that…



Use GetDialogFrom() method in Report and assign value from dialog.


In your Report, over ride dialog() method with the following code:

public Object dialog(Object _dialog)
SysReportRun sysReportRun = this;

_dialog = Dialog::newFormnameRunbase(formstr(NewlyCreatedFormName), sysReportRun.runbaseReport());

// ret = super(_dialog);

return _dialog;

and in your Form,

in Init() method :

public void init()
FormRun callerForm = element.args().caller();
RunBaseReport runBaseReport;
runBaseReport = element.args().caller().runbase();
sysReportRun = runBaseReport.reportRun();


  • Mohamed Hussain.

Thank you Mohamed Hussain for your reply