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I want to do object migration from W1 NAV 3.70 to W1 NAV 4.0 SP3. Should i use same version of Developer Toolkit depending upon the New Custimized Nav Database version. Previously i was trying by installing Developer Toolkit 4.0 SP2, but New Custimized Database was created in W1 NAV 4.0 SP3.i got error( The current version doesnot match with database).

Secondly upgradion of data & migration of object also depends on Specific.i mean to say,. we have to use Upgradation & Developer ToolKit according to Country specific database (for ex. US,UK,IN,W1).

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Hi Pushpraj,

As for what version of the Developers Toolkit, then I would always use the last released version.

If you upgrade a Navision version i.e. 3.70 IN, then you should always use the same country version in the new Navision version.

Another issue is that I would recommend you to use the Mergetool (Dynamics NAV Mergetool version PM72) instead of the Developers Toolkit. In my opinion its much better and much faster.

Hi Erik …

I started using the Developers Toolkit, or better I downloaded and installed the version 2.0 SP3. My question here is …do I need to have a developer’s license to work with any of the available tools? Or is the Mergetool or the Developers Toolkit of any value without a developer’s license? I just got me David’s Programming Dynamics NAV book and thought that the tools may be handy by assisting me with any future challenge that I might eventually face. Your thoughts…

Thank you in advance for any input. [8-|]


Hi Fritz,

to use the Developers Toolkit you need the following granules in your license:

99,003,640 Navision Developers Toolkit - Source Analyzer
99,003,650 Navision Developers Toolkit - Compare & Merge

Hi Josef … vielen Dank fuer den tip …

Fritz [H]