Developers Toolkit


I get error message when try to import objects into Dev Toolkit: Language of the file to inport does not match the language on the .stx file.

I have reinstall everything - Navision, and Dev Tool, create new database, export objects and still have this message.

Any idea???

FIRST imported database determines .stx file used (language and .stx version!!). Although you can after that (and before importing other DBs) change paths to .stx, it’s ignored. ALL imported DBs must have the same language and version of .stx - at least I was told so, when got the same problem you have now.

Best way to import different versions in DTK is to open all the DB’s with the same fin.exe (or finsql.exe) to export the objects as text. This means that you have to open the DB’s with the latest version.
E.g. you want to upgrade a customer 3.01 to 4.00SP2. So you have to open Cronus 3.01, Customer 3.01 and Cronus 4.00SP2 with the fin.exe (or finsql.exe) of the 4.00SP2 W1 (or your country version).
For some countries, it is not a problem (like Belgium), but for others (like Italy) it is a problem. It depends if the country has translated some names and constants they shouldn’t have (like table Integer (ITA=Interi), boolean=Yes (ITA=Sì), …).