Developer's toolkit - error message


I would like to open a database in Developer’s Toolkit, but I get this error message:

Error 1 in module 91

After I push ok, I have the next error message:

Access violation at address 00AA5CD6 in module ‘DevTool.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFC.

I do not know where to look for the problem. I read DevTool Manual, I think I do everything according to it.

Did anybody have this problem? Any idea for solving this?

Thanks in advance

Are you sure that all of your DevTK-DB is correct (objects loaded, etc.) and that you are using the correct version of dlls to access the DB?

No, she is not sure, that is why she is asking!

I think my DevTK-DB is ok.

I checked the dlls. First time I used the versions that are automatically in the library where there is the DevTool.exe.

Now I overwrote them with the versions copied from Dynamics NAV library.

But the error message is still the same.

Any idea what to do?

Thank a lot.

Which version is the database yuo are trying to open? and which version is the DevTK?

DevTK: Version 3.01

Database: Version 6.00.32228