Developer Training

Hi All, I’m just starting to implement Navision and am very interested in attending Microsoft Training programs that are specifically geared toward development in Navision. I only see end-user type training for the out-of-box product. Can someone give me the rundown on getting instructor-led training from microsoft (I guess web training or even a good thick book would suffice). Thanks!

Hi, I think it is still the case that only certified Microsoft Partners receive training from Microsoft themselves. If your company is a Microsoft Partner, then you should be able to give your local Microsoft Business Solutions office a call to obtain course details and times. On the other hand, I think some Microsoft Partners (Solution Centres) run training courses for end users, though Im not sure which ones do so in your area. Perhaps a google search or someone else in this forum could provide details. Regards, edd

google search for Chicago area:

Dear relay23 I was in your shoes 3 years ago when I started learnign Navision. Our level of customization is so extensive that they sent me to attend first Navision development training for end-users. It was done by Liberty Groove in Atlanta in Navision HQ. I have also requested big thick books from our NSC that I still use for my day-to day programming. And the final source is this great news group. Welcome to the club and good luck!

Thanks Guys, I got in touch with Microsoft Business Solutions and they did give me a schedule of training courses that are development-specific, though none in chicago area, and the main development manual for 50 bucks. thanks for the input and thanks for the welcome! c