Detect code upgrade conflicts (AX2009 to AX2012R3 Upgrade)

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I completed code upgrade checklist in target system (AX2012R3). But i am confused and struggling to the next step. Now data upgrade is pending in target (AX2012R3). Before this i have some listed below:

  1. How to resolve the code conflicts errors target system?

  2. When Should i do this code conflict errors before or after data upgrade checklist?

  3. Is it necessary to resolve code conflicts before going to Data upgrade checklist in target system?

  4. Before data upgrade checklist in target can I able to see the development workplace , because the AOT is not visible to me. If I can able to see the AOT before Data upgrade checklist, suggest me how can i view?

  5. Should i need to follow the white paper(AX2012 upgrade Guide) page no: 153 & 154.

i refer this link too.…/330388.aspx

FYI, I completed upto preprocess data on live system checklist (Source AX2009)

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Aravindraj S.

Code upgrade is a part of the upgrade checklist. Please refer to the upgrade guide for details.

Code upgrade definitely must be done before data upgrade. How could you do a data upgrade if your data model wasn’t upgraded and you didn’t have data upgrade scripts for your changes?

Thanks for the reply.

I completed the code upgrade checklist process. During detect code upgrade conflicts steps it generates the projects AxUpgradeLayerConflicts_usr. My question is, Is it necessary to clear the code conflicts, If necessary how and where to do? Because AOT is not show for me.

Yes, it is absolutely crucial to upgrade your customizations to be compatible with your version of AX. How? Depends on the conflict in question. Typically you have to merge conflicting changes, nevertheless AX 2012 redesign quite a few things and you may need to redesign your code as well. Where to do it? In the upgrade project, of course.

If you can’t get into AOT, does your Dynamics AX license cover development? What does it says if you start AX client with the -Development parameter? By the way, how do you see the project and conflicts if you don’t have access to the developer workspace?

Thanks for the reply.

I found the solution. I loaded the AX2009 license file in AX2012.