Detailed VAT report per Vendor - Which tables?


I need to develop a detailed VAT report per vendor, I use Data Items Vat Entry and Vendor fine but I don’t know where to find the Vendor Invoice number and description related to each entry in the Vat Entry and what relation to use.

Tks to help



The document table for invoices is 122 Purch. Inv. Header and 124 Purch. Cr. Memo Hdr. for Credit memos. Is this what you wanted?

Hi Dave,

thanks for the info, however I can’t figure out how to link the Invoice ine with the Vat Entry, I guess each record in Vat Entry

has a corresponding record in Invoice line?! but which fields shall be use to link the tables?


Link from VAT Entry to Posted Purchase Invoice Header / Posted Purch. Cre. Memo table is Document No. You have check the Type for field for Purchase / Sales.

IN EU the VAT is generated per document so you must link to the Purchase Header table.

Hi Nick,

As Jonathan says there isn’t a direct link to line level, however you can find the corresponding line by filtering by document no., VAT Bus. posting group and VAT Prod. Posting Group on the invoice/Cr. Memo tables.

hi… i want to develop VAT Detail report

but not only for purchase, the sale also included…

i’m using table VAT Entry…

but sometimes in document type invoice… it can be positive, it can be negative amount

do you know what’s the difference?