desktop shortcut

Hello I need your help. We are programing a PocketPC for warehouse, and we need a desktop shortcut for access directy to a new specific form programed to work with the PocketPC. (The end user haven’t got any experience to use navision and we would make an easy access for him). I Know that exists a method to programer the direct client acces for Navision Financials 2.6 SQL to acces directy in a specific form ,without pass into principal menu but I don’t remember how to do it. I know that we have to insert some parameters in the desktop shortcut properties but I don’t know were insert this and witch is it. Thanks for your help, and sorry for my English its awful.[:)]

When in the Form you want. Click on “File…” Then “Send…” Then “Shortcut to Desktop” You can then play with the Shortcut Properties to get it to work exactly as you want! Hope this helps. Tony

I don’t know about parameters in a shortcut but you can do this within Navision. If you go to General ledger | Setup | Users | User setup. There you can define a Main menu ID for each user and that can be any form.

HI, You can also use a user defined zup file by setting the property in the shortcut: Target “C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client\finsql.exe” ID=C:\userx.ZUP [:p]

Thank you for all. [:D] Sonia Vives