Desktop shortcut and multi company security

I have a problem with controlling access to multiple companies and launching the application through a desktop shortcut., and wondered if anyone had come across the same thing.

I have limited a number of users, to roles within once company ( we run three companies) and while this works if they log into Navision and then select the company explicitly it does not work if they use a shortcut on the desktop.

Part of the target of the shortcut includes the company name (COMPANY=Company one) and whilst this works fine with one company or when a user has access to all companies the moment there security is restricted to one company, they only see the shortcut menu when they log in and have to select file → Company → Open to open the company they have access to. The shortcut points to the company they have access to and the windows title reflects the correct company.

We use active directory log on and are running version 4.0

Thanks in advance


Witch Navision 4.0 service pack are you using?

4.0 no service pack



I’m creating user desktop shortcuts for Terminal Services with Navision 4.0 SP3 with SQL Server 2005 and it works fine. I can’t reproduce your problem. I guess it’s a bug from Navision client.

I would recommend upgrading client.

Are you giving them access to Table 2000000006 Company for all companies? I think they need access to this table to do what you are trying to do, but I am not 100% certain.